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Looking for a frienship and possibly more in yangmei

I gotta keep breathing. I gotta keep breathing. I gotta keep other. I gotta keep breathing.

As with the first part, Asian escorts in mönchengladbach objective is to elicit student language and get the students to think about friends and friendship. Which words can be used to describe the characteristic? Listening The students will hear friends discuss common problems that may occur in a friensyip. The students are asked to identify the problems and suggest jore. Tell the students that friends sometimes have problems and that it is important to know how to solve the problems.

The students will hear three arguments between friends and are asked to write down the problems and yanngmei possible solutions. It may be necessary to divide the task into two posibly first the students write down the problems as they listen to the tape, and then they discuss possible solutions. The students can also listen to one situation at a time and discuss solutions with the whole class. Peter is often Looking for a frienship and possibly more in yangmei for football practice. I think that he frienshlp try to be on time in the future. She should ask the owner fof she wants to ftienship something and try to return it on time in the future. Adam can ask his uncle to fix it.

You may also ask the students to list or discuss what methods are most effective when you want to solve problems in a friendship. Workbook P85 Listening a Students will hear about problems friends may have and what can be done to solve such problems. The students are asked to write down the solutions mentioned on the tape and to think of other solutions. Ask the students to listen to the tape and write down the solutions suggested by the speaker. You can help the students prepare by first asking them to think about problems they may have had with their friends. The solutions mentioned on the tape are simple and general.

Encourage the students to think of better, more specific solutions. What would they do if they had a quarrel with a friend? How do they talk to their friends about difficult things? How do they keep secrets from becoming rumours? But being a good friend can sometimes be hard work. Learning how to solve problems in a friendship can make you a better friend and a happier person. When they do talk, they often get mad with each other. What can they do? Well, it takes time to learn how to communicate well, and it is important to understand why a friend gets angry with you when you say something.

If you know what it is that makes your friend angry, then you can try to talk about the problem in a different way. If friends get angry with each other and say something bad because they are angry, they often find it difficult to apologize after the quarrel. The best way to apologize after a quarrel is simply to start by telling each other that you are sorry and then go from there. A simple apology is often enough and is a good starting point. Sometimes it seems impossible to keep a secret from becoming a rumour that everyone knows. Perhaps, but it is not always that easy to keep a secret, and telling a secret to someone will often put them in a difficult situation - they may have to lie to other friends to keep the secret.

Friends get angry with each other when they try to talk about something difficult. Start by telling each other that you are sorry and take it from there. A simple apology is often enough. Keep your secrets to yourself. Step 3 Speaking The students will use the information about the people on SB page 2 to talk about likes and dislikes and to practice giving reasons for their opinions. Tell the students to work in pairs. Ask the students to complete the chart on page SB page 3 and then use the answers to talk about who could be friends and what they like or dislike. Ask each pair to decide who could be friends and give reasons for their decisions.

When they have made their decision, ask Online sex video bangliadesh adalt to compare and debate their ideas with other pairs. Encourage different answers, including strange ones. The students then use the Looking for a frienship and possibly more in yangmei to identify likes and dislikes and characteristics and try to determine who Looking for a frienship and possibly more in yangmei be friends. Talking Workbook P85 The students are given role cards based on three situations where friends are having problems. They are also asked to think of a fourth situation, prepare role cards for it, and act it out.

Let the students role-play in pairs. Remind them that they should not write down a dialogue and then simply read the dialogue. Instead, they should try to act out the situation without rehearsing it. If they find it difficult to get started, you can let them prepare by practising part of a situation. You can also help by modeling part of a situation. Extension Friends often help each other. Ask the students to work in pairs and list examples of situations where friends can help each other. The students can then write role cards for the situations and act out in pairs. Homework 1 Finish off the exercises of Unit1 in the workbook. The Second Period Teaching objectives 1.

Offer the students chances of self-culture by working in groups and seeking information about the film out- side the class. Infuse the students with basic knowledge about the friend and friendship 4. Learn some words and useful expressions from the text. Communicative Approach should be used throughout the class. Stress should be laid on: Activity-based teaching class work; individual work; group work Teaching type: Reading comprehension Teaching Procedure Step 1. Report in class A student is asked to report something interesting he or she picks up from newspaper or magazines. Review and check Ss have a word dictation and check their homework in workbook Exercise 2 Suggested sample sentences 1 My friend Alan is brave.

He always gives me the best advice. He always asks good questions in class. Step 3 Pre-reading Ss are asked to listen to the tape and find the things they are using or talking about. I forgot where I put it! I have written down all the important phone numbers. You have bought it at last. We can have fried fish for dinner. Give me all your money! I look very nice in this new dress!!! What should we do now? I have it here and I know how to use it. I hit myself with it. Am I going to die? The activity is not direct linked to a reading strategy or a structure in the reading, but is intended to be used as a preliminary activity related to the previous parts of the unit.

The pre-reading exercise also gives the students an opportunity to practise giving opinions and making decisions.

Saying “I love you” with a toilet: of indirect displays of love in Chinese families

Explain the situation to the students and give them time to think about what they would bring. The activity should generate different choices and opinions, thus making it a good opportunity for discussion. Tell the students to work in groups. Ask them to describe the usefulness of each item in the friensbip and then decide on the three most useful ones. Looking for a frienship and possibly more in yangmei sure that each group member gets an opportunity to Loking. Compare answers from different groups and have a short discussion.

It could also be used to cut wood. I also think a box of matches would be useful because I could use the matches to make fire. More importantly, if someone saw the fire, they would come and save me. Oossibly when I read, I would learn about Looking for a frienship and possibly more in yangmei and the world and forget my loneliness. Ask the students to think about how the things could help ij in other situations, for example, if they were lost in a desert or a forest. Let the students talk about how they would plssibly in an extreme situation. I just love summer and Shanghai is having a big celebration!

I know, I know, we have one every 5 minutes for goodnessakes. Of course, like every holiday, there will be the firework bombings and raids and Bernie will go into hiding yet again. First let me say this was told to me by my friend who has lived in China for 21 years and her sons were both raised here their entire life and speak as fluently as any local person. The woman then gave the shopkeeper the bird right back at which point he slapped her across the face so hard she fell on the floor. The boys ran over to help her as did another expat woman, where the man then picked up a stool and went over to charge at the other female expat. The other shopkeepers got involved telling the man to use the back stairs and get out of the building and then turned on the boys threatening them that they better not start any trouble.

They got out of the building as fast as they could, as did the woman who got hit. So here is my first and last lecture on this subject. Except now you might get slapped in the face for not paying enough for your so-called fake item. But they, like many Chinese, find extraordinary, indirect ways of saying they care. The most common means is food. I joke with my friends that, when I visit my in-laws in the summer, I spend the entire day eating. My in-laws built my husband and I our very own, new wing to their house for this summer. Just like the toilet, no one suggested it was built for us. My father-in-law simply described it as a new addition to the home.

I groaned when I heard the news. When I never imagined my father-in-law would build a new bathroom with a sit-down flush toilet and solar-powered hot shower my mother-in-law told us to take our luggage upstairs, there was the new doorway where a pile of old knick knacks had once accumulated a thick patina of dust.

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