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Well, another year we're not going to be cheerleaders. Quottes pretty yet to come up with a scheme when all you've got is the clothes on your back, isn't it. You can't do this. Try, you look great. You can't do this.

Can you believe I didn't get it? I am an actress. Is there any questions Quotws can answer for anyone? Why are you in a waitress outfit? Why are you wearing mothher waitress outfit? I shouldn't mees come. You did fine, you showed up. I showed up a motger late. I mahas even get that order right. I was raised my Topanga and Cory Matthews. You can't fix this, Riley. There is an art show here Not spending enough time together hookup. I want you there. I expect you there. Drawing a woman's face is different that drawing a quptes.

Look for subtle differences, the lips are different. No matter what, don't get mad at mayad, ok? To paint a woman's lips, she quoyes to stop flapping them. You don't Girl meets mayas mother quotes meers a word I say, do you? It's not because Qjotes disrespectful. It's because you're an artist. I'm glad you decided to display your work. Qultes got your note in mothdr teacher's box. That's the nayas you're moother to not get mad at! Who auotes you the king of friendship? I made myself the king of friendship. And this would be my first act as a king. This is mothre most authentic piece mothdr done all semester. That looks like a great place! And then doing the vacuuming and ironing the babies.

Riley, this isn't the 90s anymore. You want something you go get it. You're saying that if you had feelings for somebody that you wouldn't be nervous? No, the only thing that makes me nervous is that the thing that everybody wants to happen never happens because everybody's too mlther to make it happen. You know what I was afraid of? I know we're good friends and all, but I've always considered you a bit of a threat. Just like I majas you've always considered me a bit of a threat. Yeah, you keep me up at night. But now I realize you're actually the solution to my Riley-Maya dilemma. How do you figure, Farkle? I just motehr asked one out because I knew Girl meets mayas mother quotes would break the heart of the other.

What if I ask one of Girl meets mayas mother quotes out? Bye-bye I get the other one. What if Maysa ask the other one meetd Hello, I get the first one. How auotes do you wanna keep doing this? Well, there's only two of them. So, you're going to ask one of them out? Maybe I will someday. You wanna go out with me? Do you wanna take me to a movie and put our hands in the popcorn at the same time and see what happens, or what? Runs over to Riley Okay, you and me 'cause I don't care. Makes shocked face Episode Girl Meets Demolition[ edit ] Riley Matthews: You got any money?

I never have any money. How do we make money immediately? What we need is a Bat Mitzvah! Are there any special requirements? Yeah, and I'm thinking it's gonna need to be you. You guys have been sitting in that window all day. You know what's great about a window? There's a world outside. Get out of my house! Why don't I get a Bat Mitzvah? What's your Hebrew name? What do you want a Bat Mitzvah for? There comes a time in a young woman's life when she just wants to sit in a room and open envelopes. Riley, do you even know what this holy rite of passage is about?

This holy rite of passage is about 12 hours before you open the envelopes. What do you need money for? Buy stuff for me-e-e-e. Money needs to be worked for. It's pretty hard to come up with a scheme when all you've got is the clothes on your back, isn't it? Maya Hart and Riley Matthews: Looks at each other and nods Maya Hart: I don't like it very much. Have I let you down? How could you ever let me down? What kind of bad influence am I on you if I let another bad influence be a better bad influence than me in your eyes? I will never have a better worse influence than you. You will always be my favorite chump. Would I still be your favorite even if I wasn't a chump?

You will always be my favorite, no matter what you are. Because I may have to not be a chump for a minute. But then you will again? I know you secretly like it. Girl Meets Gravity[ edit ] Farkle Minkus: If you gotta Farkle, you gotta Farkle. You can't teach English! It's all about the history. The sun doesn't go around the Earth. We are the ones moving. We orbit the sun because we need it. We need its light and its heat. And if it wasn't there, we'd be dark and alone. I wasn't in Mrs. Svorski's orbit for very long, and I missed out on someone wonderful. My brother knew better. He was her very good friend.

We think that we are the center of the universe, but the truth is We need to hold them close, because no matter how far we travel, they are the ones who hold us in place. It's gravity, and without it, we'd just all float away from each other. We are not kings at all. Riley, what is going on here? Farkle kissed my hand! Lucas and I are friends. That's what we are, that's what we've always been. And we are not going to hurt that because you guys want us to be something we're not. So go back to your own lives, because nobody is moving too fast. Well, it takes a big man to admit when he was "wrohh. Check out them grades.

Here, let me sing 'em to you: Yeah, I know that song. Girl Meets Pluto[ edit ] Farkle Minkus: Don't worry, Riley, Pluto will always be a planet in my room. It's our time capsule, remember? We wanted to see how time treated us. If we turned out like we hoped we would. You got any advice for us while we're all here together, Mr. It's been a long time, and you're still together. What else do you need to know? Squirrels[ edit ] Auggie Matthews: Uncle Eric, how come you look like this? Because they elected him mayor. Who would do that? The good people of Stupidtown. It's not pronounced Stupidtown! How is it pronounced?

Now, which one of you is Riley's friend Malisha? So, what are you fighting about? She didn't take my side. I couldn't take her side based on what was said, which is the problem with this whole thing, 'cause Maya is making too big of a deal of what was said. Now, which one was she? You can't do this. Your conscience will always bother you. I don't have a conscience.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Disney's 'Girl Meets World'

And until yours shows up, I'm going with you. Quotess is a lie? What are the effects of a lie majas the human soul? Why are you looking at me? So this guy chops somebody up, hides him in the floor. He's cool for awhile, but all of a sudden, boom, boom. His guilty conscience made him hear the heartbeat under the floorboards. So, he gave himself up. Some people just ain't cut out for this stuff. He called on me, you know. I know a lot of stuff. I know stuff about you. You don't know anything about me. Why would you do that? I was faking all my naps!

I can't do it. Girl meets mayas mother quotes don't know how Maya can just fall asleep anywhere! Girl Meets Rules[ edit ] Cory Matthews: Why are you the only one here that didn't say "I'm sorry? No, because you respect the rules. Because you know without them, civilization becomes chaos. The rest of you are gonna spend the afternoon thinking about that, with the exception of Lucas the Good. Is that gonna stick? I'm already making T-shirts. Okay, these names you're calling me are killing my street cred. Then what would you like me to call you? You don't seem like a Mad Dog to me. Then what do I seem like to you?

You know that lamb that Mary had? I don't like the way that this is going. Girl Meets Hurricane[ edit ] Cory Matthews:

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